Monday, July 7, 2008

updates updates !!

Alright, so the St. Louis World Naked Bike Ride is now hosting a grand promotional event for Saturday, July 26 at 9 pm (exactly one week before the actual ride... whoa!).

Come see Indecent Exposure to Cars: The Story of the World Naked Bike Ride
Where: CAMP (Community Arts and Media Project, located on 3022 Cherokee St).
What to bring: price is $2 for cyclists/walkers, $3-5 for drivers. OR you can bring body paint and come for free! We'll also have a delicious bake sale, so if you'd like to donate baked goods or just come with a craving for sweets, that would be excellent.

Hope you all can make it. Mariah and I watched it a few weeks ago and it definitely pumped us up for the event. Plus, it'll be a great way to meet each other fully clothed.

Other stuff we've been working on:
Legality - We'll be contacting the police soon. So far, we've contacted other cities, and though it's usually illegal to go around naked in the city (as in Saint Louis), since it is a protest, the popos are usually more lenient on the issue. But basically, until we get further information, be ready to comply the any police requests, but it should hopefully be chill.

Route - We're planning on starting around Tower Grove Park itself, then going down Cherokee and the Lemp Mansion, down Broadway, near the Arch, around Washington Ave, maybe Central West End, and ending around Lafayette Square. It's not set in stone, so any suggestions/requests are still appreciated.

Publicity - Please let friends and strangers know about the event! We've started flyering and leaving quarter sheets around, and if you want to help out, either make your own or let us know and we can give you a copy/copies for you to do some fun flyering of your own. Maybe we'll schedule some sort of fun bike guerilla flyering extravaganza in the dark of the night a little bit before the event. We've also been letting websites and online calendars know, though we're not sure if they're all listening...

Anyway, hope everyone is having a pleasant July. Please email us or call us... we're lonely and love conversation. And help.


Patricio said...

Right on! I've been spreading the word to my fellow athletes (runners, bikers and triathletes). I'll be there!

A suggestion: There will be a triathlon on Aug 2 in Insbrook, MO
you might want to be there and let ppl know about it? Just a thought.


StarGirl said...

Oh, i'm totally there. maybe not totally naked, but totally there. but maybe totally naked. ;-)

is anyone making up some tshirts for the ride? i would love to buy one if they're available.

Justin said...

If anyone has charter cable, there is a slide that is in rotation for the ride on KDHX channel 21 and 22. It's on the community calendar which runs midnight to noon. Hope you guys like it ;)

I should be at the ride, not sure how naked I'll be said...

I don't think we'll be able to make it to the traithlon, but if anybody else can make it, it would be much appreciated.

We don't currently have t-shirts, but we'd like to. If we do get them made, we'll let you know. And if anybody would like to volunteer some design or printmaking skills, we'll definitely use you.

And Justin, we'll definitely check out the slide... it sounds awesome!