Thursday, August 6, 2009

Event Saturday at BLACK BEAR! cyclist specials galore

Greetings all wonderful cyclists!

Some exciting news regarding this year's WNBR (a little over a week away!):

1) Promotional Event: This Saturday, August 8 at 7 pm at Black Bear Bakery, located at 2639 Cherokee St. Live music, screen printing t-shirts, potluck, and delicious Black Bear baked goods. We're asking for a donation of a potluck dish, body paint, or $5 ($3 for cyclists). Bring a t-shirt to screen print for free or buy one.

Also, we've got some music lined up but if anybody else would like to perform, let us know. There's always room for more!

2) Mokabe's Coffee House (3606 Arsenal) is also doing a Cyclist's Special from August 1, 2009 to August 15, 2009 (Day of WNBR-STL) w/ $1 off a customer's bill w/ proof that the customer rode their bike there (i.e. helmet, bike lock key, point out their bike, something). Bike pumps will be available to cyclists at this location on the day of WNBR-STL.

3) We're the password at the Thaxton Speakeasy the weekend of the ride... look out for it (

And don't forget - AUGUST 15! 7 pm gathering, 9 pm departure at Stupp Plaza. Tell your friends and family, help flyer, come mingle with us on August 8.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bicycle towns!

check it out...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meeting Minutes

For all those interested who couldn't make it to the meeting, here's what we went over. We're setting up a smaller email group among those who came to the meeting to coordinate flyering at events, etc, so if you'd like to be added to that send us an email.


-We'll be flyering businesses, bike shops, etc around the St. Louis area.
-We'll also be distributing quarter sheets at various events, including FBC rides, Metro East Pride Festival, Tower Grove Park Pride Festival, and outdoor concerts (Twilight Tuesdays, Missouri Botanical Garden, etc).

How you can help:
-Make copies of flyer/quarter sheets and distribute them on your own. Hand out quarter sheets, especially at events.
-You can also contact us if you'd like to distribute the flyers in a group at the previously mentioned events, or if you have more event suggestions.

Promotional event-

-At Velocity Cafe on Saturday, August 8 at 7 pm. Mingle with fellow cyclists. Dinner (percentage of proceeds will be going to WNBR) as well as live music and screen printing t-shirts and patches with our logo. You can bring your own t-shirt/cloth to screen print for free; otherwise, we'll have some t-shirts and other material that you can buy.

On that note, does anybody have music suggestions for that night? It would be great if it would be a band willing to play for free. Velocity is willing to host musicians at no charge.


-We'll be sending press releases closer to the date of the ride to Post Dispatch, RFT, KDHX, and other local media outlets. We're compiling a massive list of contacts.

Coordinating with businesses-
-We're going to try to work with South Grand/Tower Grove businesses to see if they'll give discounts/freebie drinks/desserts or other benefits to cyclists during the week before the ride. It would be great if this could be a city-wide permanent initiative to encourage cycling.


Check the wiki for our updated route ( We're open to suggestions. New spots: the Loop, CWE.

We are going into U City for a short bit, so we'll be contacting U City police about the ride ASAP. We'll also contact important loop business folks for support.

Starting place-

We'll stick with Stupp Plaza. Possibly some folk musicians will accompany us, hopefully some food from Food Not Bombs like last year. We're also going to try something new: we're going to ask local bike mechanics (in particular from A & M and Bikeworks) to see if they'll help out cyclists before the ride.

Atomic Cowboy like last year. A few changes: bike racks will be set up in advance, more space on the patio open to cyclists, and volunteers will be available to help others with directions if necessary.

To make things easier, we're going to encourage cyclists to check our wiki site beforehand to become familiar with the route/ending location.

On another note, is anybody a master with couchsurfing? It would be great to encourage cyclist travelers to swing on by Saint Louis and have a free place to stay during the event. Couchsurfing might also be a good tool for publicity in general, as well.

Let us know if you have any other questions/suggestions. Get excited!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 flyer

Help us out by making copies and flyering in your neighborhood and beyond! There are never too many world naked bike ride flyers.

planning meeting May 3, 5 PM, Velocity Cafe

Calling all volunteers! If you're interested in helping out organize this summer's WNBR, come to Velocity on Sunday, May 3 at 5 PM to Velocity Cafe (located at 286 DeBaliviere, 2 blocks north of Forest Park's History Museum). We'll go over publicity, the route, etc. Everyone is welcome.

For more info, email us at

Sunday, April 12, 2009

bike powered band!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

WNBR 2009 Date Set


You besta be there.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Planning Meeting!

If anybody would like to help begin planning for this year's WNBR in St. Louis fashion, come on down to Mokabe's (Grand and Arsenal in St. Louis) for a brainstorming session. We'll be meeting Sunday, February 15 at 5:30 PM.