Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meshuggah Meeting Minutes

Sorry these are long overdue... I'm a little technologically inept and I couldn't figure out how to sign in. But for all those avid readers out there, we had a meeting a little over a week ago to go over the event. Here's what we completed (compliments of Mariah's noting skillz):

1. Alternate body painting location suggested by Don. The pool pavilion is next to a playground (highly trafficked by youngsters) so we'll have people there to direct body painters to a more discreet location still within Tower Grove Park at 7 pm…but 9 pm departure will still be at the Pool Pavilion!
2. More flyers are on the way for the "Indecent Exposure to Cars: The Documentary of the World Naked Bike Ride" screening set for July 26th at CAMP (3022A Cherokee Street). Also, flyers has been hitting the streets of St. Louis-Cherokee, South Grand, and the Loop that is!! Don will be distributing our flyers at the Fucking Bike Club Ride this Friday which ya'll should try to make it to. (Don, would you mind adding the time and date info for the CAMP movie and our e-mail address to those flyers? Much appreciated!)
3. Speaking of the film screening, we'll be having a bake sale at the event to raise funds for body paint purchasing and paying CAMP. The more cookies and yummy goods the better, so get your oven mitts on!
4. The PO-PO: we're in contact with the lieutenants in charge of coordinating public events but have yet to decide whether to reveal our location and time to them. Vidya will also try to find contact info for a bike-friendly officer who attended an event she was a part of recently. Thanks Vidya!
5. Ze route- so far we're looking at leaving Tower Grove then to Cherokee then to Broadway (past the Lemp Brewery) then downtown near Busch Stadium (if no baseball game) then Wash Ave then eventually ending back near Lafayette Park. During the ride, we'll have a person in the front and one in the back with bike lights to help keep us together.
6. Finally, we're trying to arrange an after-party at Open Lot which is near Park and South 18th. If folks have ideas for alternate after-party locations, send them our way! That's about all, we'll keep you posted on our upcoming guerilla flyering party, but until then happy cycles and keep spreading the word!

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