Tuesday, July 22, 2008

after party

Atomic Cowboy has responded with a "Right on" to the possibility of having the post naked bike ride at their facilities. Anybody have any opposition to this? Or any other suggestions for a raging after party?


Patricio said...

Hey, just so you know... there is a Cards game on Aug at night. Starts at 6:15PM
Good luck!


Patricio said...

One more thing, any update on the 'Legality' piece?

nakedbikestl@gmail.com said...

We know about the game... we're excited, though. We planning on going through Broadway so hopefully traffic won't be too bad by the time we go. But the more exposure we get, the better!

About legality, we've approached the police and requested a meeting. We haven't been able to meet with them yet, but we'll keep you all updated. With other cities, however, the biggest thing is compliance - if it's illegal to go naked and you're uncomfortable doing so, that's fine. And if you plan on going naked, think about wearing body paint or bringing some covering devices in case the police do approach you. But we'll definitely do our best with them beforehand.

shamanalix said...

Atomic Cowboy sounds great!!! We can also raise bail moneys there, and have it as a rendezvous point if someones have to scatter during the event. LOL! Ride on, and peace forever!!!

bmwk75 said...

help...this posting a comment is harder than I realized...hope to join the ride...if y'all will let me ride 'my bike' (BMW K75 motorcycle)

my chaps are being altered for the ride...needs a few inches added to the waist area...not the XS size I was 20 years ago

bodypaint works for the top half

fubar0313 said...

we are going to participate, but would rather ride our motorcycle from Indy than drive a car to haul the bikes

If motorcycle are allowed that would be wonderful

AlienZen said...

So is there any organised plan for getting a bunch of paint-coated naked cyclists back to the starting point after the event, or are we all "on our own" to return to our vehicles? Also, do you have an estimate on the milage of the ride?